Define Your Life

While sitting around eating lunch, I found this quote which says,

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.

Diane Ackerman, Poet

Isn’t that the truth? If most of us were to be honest, we would agree that merely living is not enough. Rather, most of us want to live meaningful lives. Most of us want to live prosperous lives!

But what does living a prosperous life mean to us personally?

When hearing the word prosperity, ideas around money, power or fame naturally come to mind. Rarely do we define prosperity by taking into account the prosperity of our souls. Why is that? Perhaps it is because we are humans- mortal beings that cannot help but focus on the external, the physical and the flesh.

The Bible says in Proverbs 27:20, “Death and destruction are never satisfied, and neither are human eyes.” We have this tendency to always look to gratify our flesh, but the problem is that our flesh is never satisfied!

Think about it…

If you were to buy a car today, I guarantee you after about 3 months or so, when the new car scent has faded, you would be looking to see what’s new on the market. Nothing is wrong with the one you’ve got, but as time passes, your mind begins to wonder- looking to the next best thing. We do this with people, places and things; we move onto the next best thing. Why, because our flesh is never satisfied.

This is why it is so dangerous to relegate our understanding of prosperity merely to outward measures or by the accumulation of things. This kind of prosperity focuses on getting, rather than giving.

And so, people who define prosperity by this ideal- always needing to get a newer car, home, position etc., cheat themselves out of life. They often spend their days working long hours, stepping on others to move up the corporate ladder or by compromising themselves in different ways trying to get ahead. These people who focus on the acquisition of things always end up neglecting their families, relationships, and even their health just to fill a temporary void- a void that will come back again because it will always need refilling.

Why? Because the flesh is never satisfied. 

Our personal definition of prosperity must take our internal needs into account for the prosperity of our souls. 

How would you define prosperity? For you, what does it mean to live a prosperous life? Are you so focused on the external; the accumulation of things, that you’ve neglected the internal or experiences as a marker of cause?

Today, I pray that your personal definition of prosperity reflects God’s view over the world’s. He doesn’t want you to merely live the length of life, He wants you to live the width of life too!

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